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Filling of cracks and joints has been a maintenance and construction industry function for many years. The traditional filling approach has recently been challenged by the sealant approach. Today's technology has greatly improved sealant materials and methods for sealing cracks and joints in a more cost effective and preventative way.
For long-term crack seal performance, between five and eight years, a standard or low-modulus rubberised asphalt sealant installed in either a standard or shallow recessed band-aid configuration should be used. These materials provide a high level of flexibility and adhesiveness to accommodate annual crack movement. Moreover, the combination of a reservoir and an overband helps to maximise sealant performance. Life cycle costs show that by utilising either crack sealing configuration B or C, the cost of crack sealing is 50% less than that of using configuration D.


* Proper crack sealing will last five to eight years.
* Routing and sealing with a band-aid configuration will extend the life of the sealant more than 50%.
* The use of a high quality sealant is mandatory if you want extended pavement life.

This sealing breakthrough means that we can extend the life of our nation's roadway system, parking lots, airport pavement systems and pavements in general. After all, at today's prices, it's cheaper to repair and maintain.

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QPR is high performance permanent repair material for patching potholes, filling utility cuts and repairing damaged asphalt. There is no mixing, tacking or mechanical compacting required and is a ready to use formula that can go straight from bag to the repair area. QPR also works with concrete and steel and can be used in all weather conditionsЕЕ.even water!

* Open to traffic immediately - no raveling or rutting
* No Mixing, tacking or mechanical compaction required
* Non toxic
* QPR is north America's leading pavement material and is an approved material in 50 states and throughout Canada.

QPR Guarantee
QPR High Performance Pavement Repair, when used according to directions and applied to deteriorated concrete or bituminous pavement surfaces, is guaranteed to adhere PERMANTLY, to the repair area or until the surrounding pavement area fails. QPR will replace actual volumes of QPR used, at no charge, if, for any reason, our patch material should ever ravel, release, or otherwise fail in any property repaired area.

Environmentally Friendly
QPR recognizes the value of protecting the world's natural resources and is an environmentally sound product that conforms to the Road stone Recycling commitment to sustainable development.
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