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This system is known as the Guardian Tactile Ground Surface Indicator and is guaranteed for 10 years.

Guardian Tactiles are now made from Bayer “Desmopan” High-Tech Polyurethane

Strong, durable and conceived with extreme conditions in mind, the Polyurethane Product gives the tactile tiles a lasting edge and superior performance.

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Guardian Tactiles have been developed for today’s demands and tomorrow’s conditions. The technology advancement of the tiles places them ahead of their time and their visibility and innovation pays subtle compliments to revolutionary design and leading construction.
Guardian Tactiles are fully safety-compliant and can be incorporated into new or existing areas to aid the vision impaired. They have passed the CSIRO Slip Resistance Tests and meet the AS/NZS 4586:1999 (Appendix D) Standards in Test Report No. 3411s dated 23 November 2005 with an R11 Rating.

Anywhere, anytime - in no time

The revolutionary peel and bond design ensures that Guardian Tactiles can be installed and walked on immediately. This presents instant cost benefits. The Tactiles are designed with a special surface that enables them to adhere instantly. Interior applications do not require any other fixing, screwing or securing devices to ensure they remain firmly in place. The innovative self adhesive cross linking polymer surface achieves a complete and permanent "fix" as they are laid.
The tactiles will not peel, lift, chip, crack or slip once they are correctly installed. Every tactile complies fully with Australian Standards AS/NZS 1428.4:2002.

Ideal for use across all locations

The Guardian Tactile system's innovation means it can be applied as widely as needed, and wherever indicators are required for the vision impaired. This includes: bus stops, car parks ,crossings, kerbs, steps, entrances, intersections,, pram ramps, overhead hazards, alfresco dining areas, stairways, escalators, fire escapes, ramps, railway platforms, walkways, passenger wharves, hazards adjacent to a path,indication of changes of direction.


Choose any colour you like

Tiles are available in a range of standard and most widely used colours.
Customers can also have their own colour range produced (minimum quantities apply) to ensure that the tiles enhance almost any design, style and colour scheme.


Peel, Bond and Ready to Walk On…

See Guardian Tactile website for more details.