coloured road surfacing

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OMNIGRIP CST is a durable, skid resistant coloured surfacing system comprised of thermosetting resin compound incorporating specialist synthetic coloured aggregates formulated for application to roads, highways and bridge pavements.

Designed to provide a high definition coloured pavement, OMNIGRIP CST ensures visibly safer colour delineation whilst maintaining high skid resistance in both wet and dry conditions.

Available in both modified epoxy or polyurethane formulated options OMNIGRIP CST is specifically designed to provide a unique depth and performance balancing continued colour retention and skid resistance for the design life of the product



· High Friction - SRV > 70
· Increased Surface Texture
· Up to 33% Reduction in Vehicle Braking Distances
· Reduced Threshold Braking Speeds · Fuel & Oil        Resistant
· Accident Reduction
· Concrete / Asphalt Surfaces


The skid resistant and colour retention properties of the Synthite® aggregate make it the natural choice for resin and cementitious based surfacing systems for highways and flooring applications ensuring long term colour retention & eliminating the need for additional coloured coatings and sealers that ultimately fade and wear.


· Visible Demarcation
· Extremely Durable
· Fuel and Oil Resistant
· Improved Surface Friction
· Solvent Free
· Proven Accident Reduction
· Guaranteed Installation
· Extensive Reference Lists


Available in a kaleidoscope of various pastel and metallic colours and finishes Synthite may be graded as required to suit individual projects or requirements and specialist colour matching and specific grading sizing are available on request.