Bridge decks

CrackSealing Australia Pty Ltd can carry out bridge decks joint repairs on:

  • Bridge Expansion Joints
  • Fixed Joints
  • Bridge Decks
  • Joints on bridge approaches

Repair work can be performed on bridges with concrete, sealed or asphalted surfaces.

Advantages of Crafco Polyflex Sealant over asphalt rubber sealants:

  • Polyflex is a Polymer Based Rubber (PBR) with 22% rubber
  • Polyflex will generally set faster allowing quicker opening to traffic
  • Polyflex offers better cold and hot temperature properties
  • Polyflex has better tracking resistance
  • Polyflex is quicker and easier to apply
  • Polyflex has more extensibility within the crack reservoir
  • Polyflex has more options for climate use with four types offered for specific climates